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Our Process

TribalMind is a boutique service that offers its clients handcrafted healing and well-being programmes to rejuvenate the mind, heart and soul. I work with my clients on a one to one basis teaching and sharing the holistic benefits of indigenous health modalities.


60 Minutes / 120 Minutes Sessions Available. It focuses on determining the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the client. Personal information about the client's lifestyle, family, work and community is used to create a spiritual map to highlight if there is any life force blockages or if the client is requiring healing services.

Mindset Renewal

A tailored plan is created unique to each client. I work with every client to 'reprogramme' their mindset. We work on coping strategies to help process traumatic information, enabling them to see their life story and the roles they play in it more clearly.

Sacred Rejuvenation

Is designed to work side by side with you to mentor how to build and anchor your natural confidence in the present compassionately using indigenous modalities.

I am an indigenous healer

Jodi Helen Powell

My Biography

Originally from New Zealand, but living in beautiful Fremantle, Western Australia, she has traveled the world working with indigenous cultures to promote cross cultural exchange of ideas and awareness. Jodi is also John’s wife who is the Founder of LifeGrid Media, and mother to an eleven year old girl who keeps her very busy.

Jodi works with her clients to unblock their mental, physical and metaphysical blockages. These tension points can prevent a person from achieving their full potential. Tension points exist not just in people but can be spiritually manifested within a person’s, home, business, and land.

My Healing Journey

I am Samoan, born in Auckland, New Zealand and adopted to European parents when I was just three weeks old. I was a ‘white girl’ with brown skin. Who I was became a balancing act defined by my ability to walk the fine line between the expectations of two different cultures. That struggle to find myself and my identity would eventually become the gift I would give to others.

I have lost count of how many people I have met, talked too, laughed with, and cried with. Every day, working as an Indigenous Healer, I have to give a part of myself. You can’t assist someone if you are closed off from their pain.

I found out that the women in my Samoan family are generational healers, and my ancestors are the natural caretakers and High Chief family of the local village. This fact really seemed to make sense to me as all through my life I had felt and seen things I couldn’t explain. At that moment, I totally got it and everything seemed so right. I decided I needed to go to Samoa, and visit my village in Lauli’i. I wanted to meet my natural birth family, to learn more about our generational healing gift, and to complete a personal journey of pain. I was adopted, given away and I needed to know why. Most of all I needed to understand where I truly belonged.

I am Samoan, and I am European. I am a woman, a wife and a mother. I see things with a pure heart, an openness that says we can’t judge others until we have walked in their steps, and suffered as they have. I use my gifts to see the spirit, the energy, with a belief to trust and not question. I work with my clients to help them discover and not fear the unknown and educate others to look beyond the space and time we live in. If I can assist you find yourself, as I had too, it would be a privilege to accompany you on your personal journey.

My passion to nurture

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Meet Me Today

I am a dedicated professional working everyday to make my clients happier, healthier and complete.

Jodi Powell

Indigenous Healer

Call me today! I’d love to be part of your amazing journey. My clients are human beings that have used my consulting service to find new potential and joy in their lives. Through multiple modalities of healing and indigenous belief systems designed to reconnect with nature a path to fulfillment can be found.

What My Clients Say

Contact Me Today

Let’s talk today about your needs.

Please contact me via phone or e-mail:


East Fremantle, Perth WA 6158


+61 0405 798 330



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    Community Partnerships

    • LifeGrid Magazine & Community


    Lifegrid Magazine is an online media platform purposely designed to allow business entrepreneurs to find local and global customers for their products and services.
    LifeGrid creates a personalised profile for each business owner that highlights their core values, use to build the belief system for their work. This allows potential clients to align to their core values, a way of thinking and doing in business.
    Business Owners can use the platform to seek other local or global partners to collaborate with.


    LifeGrid Global Network:
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    South America, UK, EU, Africa, NZ)


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